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Alison is originally from Columbus Ohio, and graduated from Wellington before studying at the University of South Carolina and Otterbein.Before joining the Street Sotheby’s family in 2020, Alison has been killing the stay at home mom role for the last 15 years, raising two boys. Before that, she worked in an insurance office and did a little work in early childhood care.

Alison has been married to her husband, Jay, for 17 years this July. She has two boys, Andrew, who is 15 and Nicholas who is 12. The both go to UA City schools and love it. They have thrived at school and are doing amazingly. Nicholas is a swimmer with the UA Swim Club and the whole family has been active with the swim club for 4 years now. They have a wonderful life in UA and are so happy to be a part of this wonderful community.

Alison has lived in Columbus her whole life and has lived in Delaware, Westerville, Lewis Center and Powell before finally settling in UA four years ago. Alison and her husband also bought a house and did a large renovation.

In Alison's own words:

'I have always loved real estate and finished a house that was in the end-stage where we picked finishes. We have built a home from the ground up and just recently did a large renovation on our current home in UA bringing it back to its glory from 1965. I have always loved looking at the old and run down and picturing the future that in store for that home. I love designing and picking out all finishes that are necessary to bring a home back to life. I feel I have very strong connections all over the city and can't wait to help people find the right home for them. I feel very confident that I can be very helpful to clients in whatever needs they will have as far as finding the place they will call home. I truly believe a house is just a house and that it's the people that make it a home. I am very excited to start finding clients their homes.'


I have done work with the Alzheimer's Association in an all women's group. We put a fundraising event in the summer. It was a Summer Solstice Event and it was always successful. I was active in the boy's school when they were younger. I played tennis all through school and it was something I always enjoyed. Now I love going on vacation with my family and watching my boys grow up.

Alison Wooldridge

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2126 Tremont Center
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221 United States

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